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pcDuino3Nano - first impressions

I recently purchased a pcDuino3Nano board, because I find it to be a better overall board than a Raspberry Pi or other similar boards, and very reasonably priced. Plus, it has SATA (which is a big plus for me) and accepts Arduino shields. It’s still quite new and documentation is not great, but most of the documentation for its bigger brother (pcDuino3) also applies to the “nano” version.

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eLuaBrain - introduction

eLuaBrain is a fully autonomous computer built around eLua on the software side and a STM3210E-EVAL (an excellent development board for a STM32 (Cortex-M3) CPU from ST Microelectronics). In short, it is a 32-bit computer with a PS/2 keyboard input and a VGA (text only for now) video output that can be used for interactive program development.

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